Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Gem of a Discovery!

So today it was a beautiful day and I wasn't about to let the sun march on through the day without me....and Madi. We spent some time out in the back yard this afternoon before we had to pick the kids up from school. Well, as we were on what we were calling our "yard walk" (I was in search for a tree that would provide me with a branch strong enough to hold my free porch swing I got the other day which I'll post about after I finish it), we came upon this patch that I've been looking at for weeks wondering what in the world is all growing in it. Now since we moved in this house in November, plants were on their way out so all growth is new to us. The other day as I was mowing I was going to mow over this patch that just looks like a heap of nothing but I didn't. I am so glad i didn't! As I was looking and walking by my eye caught the sight of something long, green and yummy looking! Sure enough it is Asparagus! I am so besides myself it's crazy. I only saw one but it's huge. Later when all the kids were out side I decided to show them too and then I found 7 more so I ran to call my Oma and as I was talking to her and cleaning out anything that looked dead from the bed I found I think about 20 or so all together. After an hour of googling on the subject I am ready to go harvest the ones that are ready and I'm going to go off faith that this Asparagus bed has been established long enough for me to do so.

I love being a country girl!!!

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