Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new yard friend

As I was mowing along today I caught out of the corner of my eye something moving around a tree I was going around. I looked and oh boy it was a frog. Now I'm no expert but I think this guy is a frog because we have toads around our yard a lot and they seem to be way smaller, all brown and very round. This guy has quite a bit of green, is longer, slimmer and his nose seems to be kind of pointy on top of the fact that he is much bigger than our toad friends. After I finished up my swipes around the tree I informed the kids and they all ran and hung out with him for a while "petting" him with sticks and seeing who was brave enough to touch him. I think 3 of the kids said they actually touched him. I think Miss Madi was the only one who didn't although I find it hard to believe Autumn did.

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