Thursday, October 29, 2009

So thankful!

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month and for me I embrace this month as one of bitter sweet but oh so much more sweet. 3 years ago in October my mom had surgery to have her cancer removed. I had just recently become a Christ follower and already felt as if my world was crumbling and felt crushed. I vowed to myself that I would turn to God and rely on Him to heal my mom. A year later (2 years ago) she went for her last radiation treatment in the month of October and a few hours later hopped on a plane to come stay with us for a week. It was so good to finally see her as I couldn't travel to visit during her year long treatment journey. October for me is celebration of my mom conquering her battle. This past Monday she had her yearly check up and had a scare. They found a lump and immediately got her a mammogram and scanned her. They found it to be clean and merely a cyst. Praise God! My mom has just come to accept Jesus as her Savior a few months ago and I am thankful for that. I pray He keep her free of cancer forever but if that's not possible then at least until her relationship with Him is strong enough that she draws ever so close to Him for her comfort and healing instead of the opposite direction. CANCER SUCKS! I am thankful though that I have been so close to someone who has over come the battle which contradicts all the negative stories you hear so much more of with loss. There is hope! Rodney and I have come to find out this week that we are now being called to pray on behalf of a new battle with cancer in our family. Although the outlook seems to be real good, it's still concerning and at times a bit scary. We love you Randy and we are praying for you and your family!
In honor of my mom I have been working on a quilt for quite some time now and when I finally get it finished it is headed to a quilt show with my Oma (grandma) first but then I am going to auction it off on ebay with hopes of raising quite a bit of money all to be donated to the Susan G Komen foundation in my mom's name. I have never done anything like this so I am ecstatic about it. I pray God opens it up to raise a good amount to help the foundation in their research for the future of all women, but especially my mom and my daughters.

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