Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn turns 6

Today Autumn turned 6! I am horrible at waiting to give people their gifts and I have had hers for about 3 weeks now so this morning I had enough. I went out to the bed of the truck and grabbed her gift and brought it in the house. I was so excited to be able to finally buy her a bike. She has never had one so this was extra exciting. Since it was raining this morning she had the chance to ride back and forth through the house. After a yummy breakfast we all headed out to Dakotah's last game and it gave Autumn a chance to ride for real, outside on some pavement. She had a blast even though she fell off into a nice mud puddle. After getting wet and muddy we headed to the van to stay warm and rocked out with Madi to some Hannah Montana.
Crazy birthday girl!
After the game we headed to Walmart to pick up the cake, then home to hag out as a family for the day. Autumn had got some money in a birthday card so she also had a chance to shop while at Walmart. After the Notre Dame game and pizza (Autumn's requested b-day dinner) we headed to the kitchen for cake and ice cream.
Autumn has always loved being sung to, in fact I think it's the part she waits all day for and is her favorite part. All attention on her and in her hay day on her day.
Too cute!
We all enjoyed some yummy cake and ice cream and after a load of sugar, it all began to surge through their bodies and lead to one big SUGAR RUSH!
Colby started with the freaking me out hollering and acting crazy, being loud and hollering. They all headed to the stove room and the sugar rush was in full swing. Madi and I sat by in a rocking chair and watched the chaos. Until the poor girl was dragged into it too.....
actually, I gave her up to the crazy sugared up crowd. It was fun to watch! Lots of tickling, punching, flipping around, laughing and screaming like a bunch of girls which is normal for the girls, but those boys I tell ya. I even managed to get into it for a moment just to tickle dad and make him giggle away. I love it when my family has these moments. We are very much known for these kind of beating the tar out of one another moments.

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