Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flag football '09

Today was Colby's last game of flag football, at least as a kid. We have stuck it out with the Chiefs for 3 years. It's been a team that hasn't had the same coach from year to year and usually has had a hard time winning. This year the team seemed a bit more put together and they played good. Although they walk away this year from a 2-3 season, they played hard. Colby actually tackled a kid in one game but didn't get penalized for it, he pulled his hamstring, took a cleat to the jaw, ended up amongst a few piles and flipped once. He played quarter back about 3/4 of the season and did real good. Today he had 2 hand offs and a pitch all of which went for a touch down. He has developed a drive, passion and a love for football this year that I haven't seen form him before. With this said I am looking forward to watching him develop his game, enter into tackle next year and hopefully develop a real talent for being a quarter back. He has been such a joy to watch and listen to when he starts talking kid trash. Cracks me up to listen to a 9 year old go off about other teams and "spanking" them. I'm sad the season is over! On to basketball is where he goes from here starting in November. He has never played this sport, so it will be interesting to see how he does.

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