Friday, October 16, 2009

So ready to be done!!!!!!!

Well folks, we have switched gears just a bit on the house journey and it should really be done and over with one way or the other before the month ends. At this point, we are ready. I went to the prayer house today and had some time to talk with God about how I felt at this point about the whole thing. I don't want this house for me. I want this house for HIM! I want this to bring Him glory and to be a place that is used for His service, so if it's in His will then I'm all for it but if He has other plans, then I am ready to be done and really don't feel like the world is going to end like I would have a while back. I'ts so nice to be at this point. We should hear back about the second appraisal either Monday or Tuesday and if things go good then we should be closing like I said, before the month is over. If it comes back like the last one and the sellers aren't willing to either fix the issues or come down then we will walk away thankful that God didn't allow us to get into something that isn't of Him. Continued prayers are very much appreciated and desired, especially for the kids as they have gotten attached to the house and are anticipating it greatly. I am confidently looking ahead in antisipation to see what God has in store. So, until we get word again, that is the update we have.

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