Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanks Giving in our new house????

We got word today that our offer has been accepted! It seems so unreal when I think about it sometimes and it was funny when Rodney had called to give me the news. I couldn't breath very well and I got shaky. Silly girl! Our closing date tentatively at the moment is October 15. Wow that's fast. We have a bit of work we want to get done before we get in so we will be at our house we are in now through most of November. Does this mean we get to have Thanks Giving in our new house? I am sure thinking so!!! How exciting!

Lord we thank you for this very journey You had picked out just for us. Thank You for the patients of mine that grew a bit more, the excitement that has left butterflies in my belly and the blessing of having a house of our very own. Lord You heard our very prayers for this house and have blessed us with it. You are such a mighty and amazing God! We pray You would continue to guide us through the remainder of the journey as this is just the beginning. I pray You would bless the family that has sold it to us and the new chapter of their lives as well. May we honor You in all we do during this process and the taking care of our house. All the glory to You Lord! In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen!


Mrs Sling said...

YEAH!!! I am so excited for you guys! Make sure you get an inspection. We are so thankful that we did, that way there are no surprises. We are going to be "neighbors". LaFontaine needs a family like yours. Property values are going to go up again (the first time when Duponts moved in, and then again with us) :) Praying for your transition! When is the painting party??

Nicole said...

Ha that's great! The painting is supposed to get done while Rodney and the kids are at work and school, not much of a party. Maybe if there's a day that you don't have to work, you can swing on over and hang out with us. We are so getting an inspection, actually we have 10 days to get that and the appraisal and I think something else. Rodney is handling most of everything, so it's nice not to have to worry more than I already do. I am excited to be moving to an area where we actually know people, good people! It looks like the next few days are a whirl wind and the closing date, Lord willing is October 15. We are going to overlap when we get the house and one more month of rent to help our transition go smoothly.