Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 9th to Colby

Colby's birthday is tomorrow but with it falling on a week day we celebrated today. Colby's dad drove up from Texas to come celebrate with Colby before he gets shipped out to Kuwait. We also had the company of Winter, Jesse, Brandon and Miss Rachel. Colby had his favorite sour cream enchiladas for his birthday dinner and a hunting cake. After we stuffed our selves with enchiladas and cake we sat around and watched football.
You know mom really doesn't want her son to grow up when she forgets the extra candle on the cake! Colby really is turning 9 no matter how many candles I decided to put on his cake. I can't believe he is 9!He got new "lined" hunting coveralls so he doesn't freeze this year sitting out with Rodney watching him hunt. We also got him a carrier for his bible, a basket ball out fit and one of those stretch book covers that is a Notre Dame one. He got a card with some money in it from his dad as well.
Everyone enjoyed the cake, but I think Rachel was willing to show us just how much she enoyed hers. I love that little girl, she's a hoot!

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Melynda Hache' said...

Sending lots of birthday hugs and kisses to Colby on his big day! (well for tomorrow!)