Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We had the house inspection last night and in a nut shell, not too bad. There is an issue with the water heater and it not being up to code as well as having a gas leak, the lint vent for the dryer is too long which makes it too hard to clean and is actually clogged right now. It has a certain type of wood eating bug, but they haven't done much damage and it's in our contract that the sellers have to treat the problem before closing. That's about as major as it gets. There was a "honey do" list of things that need attention, but nothing we couldn't handle and aren't willing to get our hands dirty in fixing. We will receive the full report on Thursday. Our appraisal has been ordered also and not sure what date that will be scheduled for. The kids and I stopped over at the house for an hour while the inspection was going on and it made things seems so much more real. It's so hard not to get too excited before everything is final. We hit another bump in our loan process that we are waiting to see how it pans out. I am thinking it shouldn't be too bad since the bank did put in the order for the appraisal yesterday. Prayers are still very much needed and appreciated. God is so good in both the good and bad as well as the easy and hard times. Here is a passage that was given to Rodney yesterday.......

Isaiah 43:19, "For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?......." NLT

Wow, I believe God gave that directly to Rodney speaking to him yesterday morning!
Thank you Lord that the inspection went well and that there wasn't anything major or out of our league needing repairs. I thank You for the ability to see You working through out this entire process, even in the bumps. I am still as thrilled today to be on this journey as I was the day we started. We have prayed specifically for this house and believe we have it Lord and as your word says, when we do that it will be given to us. We thank You for you promises and your Word Lord. Please continue to guide us and give us the wisdom to make good decisions through the remainder of the process. Please bless the sellers as I am sure they are as anxious as we are. You are so amazing and I am blessed just to be your child! In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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