Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Summer Tid Bits and Quick Garden Update

Here are a few things that make up our summer......

These are called Watermelon Pops and the kids and I made these the other day. These were so much fun to make, so kids friendly as far as the kitchen goes and the hubby LOVES them. They are lime and strawberry gelatine, cream cheese and cool whip, and chocolate chips. Such a frosty, tasty treat.
This is what I found on my kitchen floor the other day. I ran outside to get my husband to come in and save me since I don't care for things that crawl. By the time we came in Kim (my sis in law) had already scooped this guy up in a cup. I have never seen a salamander before now.

Now for a garden update from your local rookie gardener who is just having a blast....

I went into the garden fro 2 reasons.... first to see if there was anything I could incorporate into dinner so Kim could enjoy some yummy fresh veggies. Second to make sure I harvested anything that would be ready to harvest since I won't be around next week to do so. Here is the bountiful harvest. 4 zucchini, 3 crooked neck squashes and below is Rodney's banana pepper.

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