Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Garden Update

Monday evening I went out into the garden and was able to harvest 2 very nice zucchini. I am now looking at zucchini bread recipes to make. I also pulled one cherry tomato off the vine and ate it right away. It was so yummy! Everything is growing so good. We have about 5 Buttercup Squash, 10 more zucchini, 10 summer squash and tons of both cherry and regular tomatoes. The corn is growing tall as you can see in the above picture. I think our tallest one is maybe 5 ft or close to it. They are now getting their tassles so I guess that means the corn is soon to follow. I am excited to report, that we have lived in this house for 3 years now and every year it's a new discovery. When we first moved in it was the pear and apple tree. The first year anniversary it was that the tree in the middle of the pear and apple tree was also an apple tree but it just produces fruit every other year and black berry bushes along the pasture fence line. Last year (year 2 anniversary) we found a peach tree of some sort in the pasture. I think they are white peaches, but small like apricots. They make a yummy pie that's for sure. This year, year 3 we found black raspberry bushes amongst some seriously tall grass we have never mowed because there is a pile of bricks over there. Anyhow, Rodney spotted them, weed wacked a nice path for me and then I found that they are everywhere and I even have to go into the bean field to get to more. Everyday I go out to pick newly turned berries and manage to get about 1 to 2 cups. I have enough now to make a batch of jam and a couple pies and the picking isn't even over yet. God has surly blessed us with this house and land. He brought us here to a home that has such peace to it, big land for the kids to grow and all the fruit you can imagine. It's right across the field from our church and the hunting is quite nice as well. It's such an adventure to live here and have the opportunity to live off the land. Our kids seem so happy here with the freedom to run outside, have adventures and be as loud as they can. I know if and when the time comes that God moves us from here we will, but I have such a hard time ever seeing us anywhere else and it would be so hard to leave.
I look forward to see what next year has for us, who knows maybe we will have chickens!


Melynda Hache' said...

How fun! I am very jealous for sure. It sounds like a new adventure every day. Can't wait to see you guys!

Winter said...

and God brought you all right into our lives and we are so blessed because of it!

Nicole said...

Melynda, I can't wait either. My boy has been board to tears almost this summer, so I am so happy he will be seeing you even sooner.
Winter, your so sweet! Thank you. We are blessed to have you guys as our friends as well.