Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dakotah's Boyisms (not really a word, but who cares)

Dakotah has been the only boy in the family this summer (except for dad) and he had missed his brother so much. I can't wait to see those two goofing off together again. Until then, I have enjoyed Dakotah's (what I call) boyisms. He has been pushing it a bit more trying to be bigger and both good and some not so good ways. However, some of his acts have been so funny!
He has come a long way on his bike, he actually spend more time on the bike now instead of the ground. He is doing so good that he now does "tricks". One trick is what you see in the above picture, another....standing up while peddling and the other day at the park, yea he was trying to see if he could ride with no hands. Can you feel my heart pounding out of my chest?! According to dad I have to let him do these things to be a boy. That first emergency room visit is going to be a huge test of keeping my mouth shut. :)
This is his muscles he has found this summer. Look close.....can you see them?
This is Dakotah conquering the stump. I love when they can be loud outside, hoping they get it all out before we get back home.
This is what we got to see the other night after Dakotah came downstairs from being told to put on his jammies. Crack me up, and yes, here are his muscles again only this time with the face, oh and you can't hear it but the "GRRRRR".
I hope when Colby comes home he is willing to express his boyisms as well. My boys are so funny and cute no matter how many times they may make my heart stop. There is something special about boys and their moms. I am just blessed to have the opportunity to experience it with 2 of them. They are both very different, but still boys through and through.

"Boys, I thank God that he has given me the opportunity to be your mom. As much as you take my breath away and make my heart stop, you also make me laugh and smile. I look forward to the many years of having both. I pray as you grow up you realize all God has made you to be in His image. I pray you become great warriors for the Lord. Be confident in who you are in the Lord and the love He has for you. I look forward to both of your journeys! I love you both so much! Love, Mom"

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