Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5th of July Fun

I don't have pictures of the Fourth, bit we had a great day with grilling in the rain, hanging out with friends, catching a picture or two of two boys on a Barbie Jeep and watching a movie. The fireworks however were postponed due to the rain, for the 5th. We had no intentions of going to the fireworks, but Rodney wanted to take Madi and Dakotah to the park to ride and run around then for some ice cream.

Here are the kids in front of one of the many log cabins they have in the park.

Dakotah got to ride his bike and show off a few "tricks" he has learned and Madi got to learn how to ride a scooter which her daddy ended up carrying really most of the way.

Here is Madi enjoying a big tree stump in the park.

And Dakotah on the stump as well. It's funny to compare how big the stump looks with Madi on it compared to Dakotah.

Here is Dakotah's way of jumping off the stump, acting like King Kong. His little boyisms have been sooo funny lately!
I took a few moments to grab my kids before they ran off to get a picture with them. I at first took one of Madi and I, myself but then Rodney stepped in and helped.
Here's me and D and if you look close you'll see I am having to tickle him to get him to sit a moment longer with me.
Now I couldn't leave with out a picture with my man, so the kids actually took turns taking our picture. I believe this was one of Dakotah's.
Well, as we walked along in the park, Rodney suggested Taco Bell, Ice Cream and Fireworks so that is how we spent the rest of our Sunday evening and it was a really good time! Thanks baby for taking us to see the fireworks even thought you didn't feel good. We had a great time!

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