Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Beachy Fun!

This past Sunday after church and lunch, we packed up our kids as well as Kim and her girls and headed for some much needed water fun at the beach at the lake. Now by this time last year, we lived near the water but this year has seemed to be cooler and just not swim worthy so when the weather was hot and sunny we were all about it.

Dakotah and Bre goofing off and this is the beginning of a game of chicken.
Go guys go!!! This was so much fun to watch and Dakotah made sure to warn me not to drop my camera in the lake since I am floating in a tube taking pictures in the middle of the water. It was funny!
Chelsea enjoying some much needed male figure time with her uncle Hot Rod.
Of coarse between Dakotah and Rodney the time is bound to come when kids start flying. Dakotah loves this!

Bre had no choice, but enjoyed it just as much as D did.I love this one, he was coming right for me when he got tossed.
My beach baby, she doesn't spend too much time in the water. She is more about getting some sun and playing in some sand.
Yea, when I bought these goggles for her my intent was for the purpose of water play, Madi's intent is to just look goofy sitting in the middle of the sand making castles while wearing them.
Even Autumn joined in on the beach goggle action (another one who doesn't go in the water).

This was what was a fun time watching! Autumn and Dakotah had a water fight for about 5 minutes that was so entertaining to Rodney, Kim and I. He started it as I plainly caught on camera.......and she ended it with him tucking tail and running for the water since he knew she wouldn't go in. Good escape plan on his part.
Now we head for vacation in good, hot o'l Arizona. We have plans for family, Grand Canyon, water parks and much more, so stay tuned in a couple weeks. I'm outta here!!!! :)

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Winter said...

you looked like you had so much fun we get to go to the beach this weekend. we will miss you guys and hope you have lots of fun!!!!