Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Grand Canyon Adventure

Saturday the 18th we got up early in the morning and headed up north in AZ. to see the Grand Canyon. In all the years I have ever lived in Arizona I never went to the Grand Canyon so here was my opportunity. It was amazing! God's beauty was so in our faces and I loved every minute of it. What a wonder He has given us to enjoy.

It was surprising how close to the edge you could actually get, like I mean if you wanted to jump.... yea you could cause there is nothing stopping you. We actually took this opportunity to tease my mom (Theresa) and make her yell at us. I know people might not understand why we would want to make her yell at us, but it's actually really funny. We walked quite a bit this day and we were on the South Rim. We managed to find our way into what was called the Canyon Village for some souvenir shopping then onto the area where they have a hotel and you can see the canyon some more.They had been waiting a few weeks to see this and they enjoyed it.
Me and my hubby.

The fam.The kids with grandma, grandpa and uncle RJ.
Mom, Me, Dad and RJ (isn't he a cute "big" little brother, I love him so much).
This was an amazing day and the kids were fantastic with all the walking we did and in the heat that we weren't real used to. At the end of the day we headed south a bit to Flag Staff where we had dinner at a funky restaurant that had singing waiters. It was so much fun.


Winter said...

BEAUTIFUL!! it looks like you guys had so much fun!! what a great family experience! and brandon is SO glad you brought colby back with you!

Nicole said...

I am quite pleased about that myself. :)!!!!