Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flag Staff

After a wonderful day at the Canyon and an adventurous dinner we headed back to the hotel with some sleepy kids (no matter how much they tried to convince us they weren't).
Mister D in his bed with his new Grand Canyon animal. He got the bed to himself since Colby slept in my parents room with my brother.
The girls in their bed ready to go night night. The next day we woke up and met up with one of my cousins (I have more than I can count) and had breakfast. There was a Scottish Festival in town that day that my cousin was participating in a tug of war, so we headed up to watch.
The festival was entertaining and we had the opportunity to watch my cousin and his rugby team get their rears kicked in the tug of war. My cousin is the anchor (the back one). After witnessing his defeat we walked around and enjoyed some ice cream and the girls getting their faces painted.
As this picture well shows, after 2 very full days right off the bat, we had some wore out kids.

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