Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pool Side Fun

Well of coarse being in Arizona we were bound and determined to get in a bit of swimming. My aunt Marilyn was kind enough to allow us to come to her house when ever we felt like it.
My very own pool boy :)!

Dakotah did amazing! He tool off the floaties and took off swimming in the deep end. He was able to jump off the edge into the deep end and swim off. It was awesome to see him gain strength and confindence.
Here he is swimming like a fish.
Autumn had victories of her own. She got to where she was comfortable with jumping in as well and allowing her head to go under the water. She also was comfortable with swimming into the deep end with her floaties on.
Madi took some risks as well but did it only for pictures then she was done. Here she is going off the diving board which she started out by sitting and kind of floped in to her dad. Funny stuff!
I got in on the fun as well.
Here is one of Madi's attempts at bravery.....
and in she went which she wasn't really wanting but it was so good for her.

I love swimming in this pool and have enjoyed it for so many years, since I was 14.

Mister D hanging out in the deep end and so loving his journey with his swimming.
Here is Rodney doing a flip into the pool and no matter how this looks like it ended bad, it really didn't.
Dakotah decided he wanted to try the flip as well. It was very funny to watch him gain his courage to do it. He stood on the edge of the pool attempting to do it about 10 times before he actually just got it done. He actually did really good too. I won't even try the flip, so way to go Dakotah.

In all we made it to the pool at aunt Marilyn's 3 times and had such a blast. I love swimming in pools and most of all with my family. My husband even commented on how he loves watching me swim cause of how much fun I have with the kids.

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whoo whoo to the pool boy!!!