Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Surf

Thursday we headed to the water park for some fun. We had told Theresa we would probably only spend and hour or two there because we didn't want to be in the heat that long. Five hours later we headed home. We had that much fun!

We started on some kiddie slides in one of the kiddie pools. Here is Dakotah coming out.
Autumn enjoyed them so much, it was hard to get her to stop and swim with Madi and I.
Such a face!
Madi decided to be brave for a minute and try one slide. She freaked out a bit and ended up turning herself around and landing with her head going in the water first. She didn't go again.

She may not have gone, but gave me the thumbs up that I actually got the picture so she could show people she did go.After that pool and after the boys met back up with us from going on all the big slides, we headed to another kiddie pool. This pool was like ankle deep for me as where the other was about knee deep. I love this picture of all my little kiddies on the gator.
These slides were more Madi's taste and she made sure I got pictures of these too.

This was too cute a shot to pass up. I wonder if they were discussing the fun of the day so far.

Had to make sure I got a picture so everyone could see I was enjoying it too.

Ok, this is a slide that straight drops, it was cool looking. I took pictures of my boys, hubby and brother going down. Now yes you can't tell who is who, but I know who's slash is who's. Starting on the left.... My brother RJ (it's cool that you can see him under the water shooting through it), next Colby then Dakotah and lastly as well as the winner of the biggest spray.... Rodney.
This is how Rodney looked after that ride. I see the kid in him out for the day having a blast with his boys. I love it!
Madi was very confident with her life jacket so she actually swam around the pool and started dunking herself under the water.
Then she decided to be ornery and told me she was going to splash me and she didn't really care that she was going to get my camera wet. See that little fist.......

this is what that fist did and she didn't get the camera but I managed to capture the water beads mid air and I think it's so cool.
Goofy girl with her daddy. These two together melt my heart!
We also spent and hour in the wave pool which I left the camera behind for so I could have fun. Rodney and D shared a raft, Colby and RJ shared one and then I laid on the middle of one with a girl on either side of me. I wrapped my arms over their backs and we rode the waves and never flipped. It was so much fun and my favorite part of the day.

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