Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday before Easter...Egg Hunt

Saturday we were blessed with nice weather. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining. Perfect for hunting eggs. We all gathered over at Winter's parents house who have a large yard with lots of trees, rocks and stumps all perfect for hiding eggs. Now Winter and I forgot to actually count the eggs before we started, but we think we had around 145-160. I can't remember how many the kids actually found. They had fun! Tons of candy and a dollar for everyone.
Here they are ready to run.
Ms. Rachel did a great job finding lots of eggs in the wheel of her parents durango as well as our van. Before we left, she checked again hoping the wheels produced more. She also was very proud of her finds.
Here is Ms. Madi peeking out from a tree and putting her egg into her bag.
Dakotah couldn't find them if they weren't in front of his face. Too much trouble to actually have to hunt for them. I had to take a picture of his "special dollar" egg and show him where it was so he would find it. It was comical.
Autumn did very well on her own for the most part. I had to step in and help with her "special dollar" egg as well, but all that took was walking her past the area it was in. It was fun to watch them and they enjoyed them selves too. After wards we headed off to our house for some Easter egg dying.


Winter said...

This was such a fun day and we definately need to make it a tradtion!

Nicole said...

I'm am down with that!!