Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Color those eggs!!!

After hunting eggs and eating a bite of dinner, we cleared off the table, dropped the color tablets into the cups, added the vinegar and away they went.
The kids were not only excited to color eggs, but wear their aprons I had made them. They are funny about stuff like that. Here is Mr. D and Ms. Autumn having a good time together.
Colby and Brandon (he was too busy to look up for my picture. A camera is no biggie in his world, isn't that right mom (winter)).

I wish I had a better picture of Madi. She did a really good job. It's exciting to watch when they are still little, but have crossed over to where they really get whats going on and participate. She made my favorite egg, she left it in what the package calls purple (they need to take a color test) and it came out so deep, dark and blue.
I promise, despite what this picture shows, Bre did enjoy herself as well and does so well with and around so many little ones. She's awesome!

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Winter said...

I might have another pic of madi and brie i'll have to look. you nailed it about brandon too!