Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Afternoon

Since we hunted and dyed on Saturday we were free on Sunday to enjoy what the kids received in their buckets. The kites were what we most wanted to play with. After lunch we headed back over to our church (since they don't have trees around to get in our way).

Here is Bre attempting to take out her dad with her kite. We had trouble getting hers to fly, but with a ton of persistance from her and her dad, they got it and it was cool. Her kite was a tree frog.
I know these pictures are hard to see since they are so far away, but I wanted to get their kites in the picture with them so they would see what they were doing. This one is of Autumn and her Barbie kite.
This is Colby and his Blue Angels airplanes kite. My boy loves his planes!
Ms. Madi had a Hanna Btanna kite (as she calls it). She did so well flying hers for a little while and them whined the rest of the time to go on the swings.
Dakotah got Spider Man. Madi and Dakotah actually had their kites chasing eachother at one point and another time he let go of his handle and him and his dad had the privledge of chasing it down. I had fun doing this and look forward to the next breezy, nice, sunny day that comes our way. Rodney and I want kites now too, what kids we are.


Winter said...

This looks like so much fun...I want a kite to play with too!!!

Nicole said...

seriously, Walmart for a buck!!!! I am so getting one. Or you could get a $5 or $10 one too.