Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pioneer Club Closing Celebration and Talent Show

Last night was out Pioneer closing celebration. We also for the second year that I know of, had a talent show. I always enjoy these times because then not only are the kids there, but their families stick around and celebrate with us.
I had my camera man up in the balcony, thanks Rodney! This is us singing one of the songs we sang all club year.
This picture is hard to see, but I have to put every ones class on here so no ones is left out. This is Autumn's class. She is the one in the pink shirt, 3rd in from the left. Her class is the Scooters.
This is the boys class. D is the 4th in from the left and Cole is the 6th one. Their class is the Voyagers and Colby actually was promoted to the next class for next year.
This is some of my class and I am handing out their certificates. This class is the Pathfinders which is the class Colby will be in next year. Most of my students (all but 2 of the 10) were promoted to the next class as well.
This is Bre's class, the Trailblazers. Her class is 5th and 6th grader and the 6th graders like herself are promoted right out of Pioneer Club and into youth group next year. Now on to our talent show.
Bre sang a song by Natalie Grant.
Colby read a poem about spring that we found earlier that morning because over spring break he was having too much fun and forgot to actually write his poem. Goof!

This was soo funny. This is 2 kids (one I take to school the first 3 days of the week) from our church, Braden and Aliea. They were so cute. Their dad put bandannas over their eyes and nose, then put sunglasses on top of their chins so they would look like faces, but they were upside down. Then they sang to a song (mostly stuck out their tongue which made it even more funny). It was great and they have no idea how much attention they drew in because they couldn't see.

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