Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More & more Quilts

I have so many more quilts I wanted to share. Now this still doesn't show my entire collection of creations, but I would never be able to do that. This is just a collection of some more that I enjoyed doing or have meaning with them.

This is a sunflower that my Oma (grandma) made. She then sent it to me to quilt for her. We have tended to push out quite a few of these "team" projects over the last couple years. This was fun though because she gave me free reign. The back looks fun too.

This quilt is so full of life, it brightened up the room as I made it. It was tedious, but fun at the same time. This is one I would consider doing again.

Ok, my very first quilt top I ever started, made but not finish until 5 years later. I started this in Alaska to keep myself sane from the constant darkness and a sense of feeling alone since family was sooooo far away. It started off simple and for the most part stayed so but they would add more month by month. I finished it and hung it in our hall way in the house we live in, about 2.5 years ago. It is also the first and only quilt I have attempted to quilt it by hand. I actually quilted all of it by hand except the brick boarder, that is where I first attempted to free motion quilt with my machine. This (needless to say) it a quilt of firsts! This is one of my babies!

Now this quilt and the one below are a pattern my Oma brought to me with all her fabric asking me to make them for her. I went to Shipshewanna with some fabulous gal friends (love you guys) and started it there as well as started to pull out my hair. This pattern threw me for a loop. I called my Oma asked her if I could do it my own way and as I expected, she gave me free reign here as well. I stayed very close to the pattern and just switched up a small part. The top is all fruit fabric and the bottom is veggies. These fabrics are so realistic it is amazing what they can do with fabric.

I just cut out 18 quilt tops yesterday and I'm getting ready to embark on a journey. I have wanted to use my gift God has blessed me with to serve Him and I wanted to do something related to making quilts for babies or kids. Rodney worked at our local LIFE center painting this past Saturday and I asked him to enquire if they could use quilts. He came back with a yes and that they are expecting them. WOW, get my chance! I am making quilts for babies/toddlers. I have so much fabric that can be used, so I'm going to put my pedal to the floor (literally) and sew away on some quilts. I am very excited about this and thankful for the opportunity I am being blessed with. Oh yes, and I am working on quilting a quilt for a special lady in my life as well as a surprise quilt that I just finished the top today for a special man in my life, so be on the look out for those quilts to come.

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Winter said...

Girlie you amaze me I could look at your quilts all day!!