Monday, February 23, 2009

Presidents Day at the Children's Museum (this is a long one)

Presidents Day, our kids had the day off from school except Bre. She goes to the city school, so I guess you could say them there country kids had the day off. After having already decided we wanted to take them to the museum, I did some research and found that they offer free days on particular days and by george, one of those days was right around the corner. We just saved a bundle! Here is the crew nice and early, just loaded into the van and ready to head south. It was a surprise and suppose to stay that way until one evening at the dinner table DAD let it totally slip!

This is a beautiful blown glass display that is right in the center of the walk way that takes you from floor to floor (four floors let me tell you).
This is in the Carousel and Dreams area. It has three play houses, one is an ice cream parlor, one a house and the last is a tree house complete with some contraption that allows you to look out over the area electronically. The kids couldn't really explain it to me and I couldn't get up there to see it myself. I also couldn't get all the kids to stay up there and wait until they were together to get a picture. Her is Miss Madi and her side kick brothers.
Miss Autumn poking her head out as well. After playing a bit in the houses we moved onto the carousel. Now, a few weeks ago we took the kids on a carousel in Fort Wayne at the mall and when the ride began to slow down, my Madi began to cry because she wasn't done and her ride was NOT over. She was ever so excited when she saw this ride up on this floor of the museum. She could hardly wait.
She did experience a bit of upset feelings when she found out her brother would be riding on the buck though and not letting her. The girl just can't have it perfect you know. She did enjoy though and flashed me a sad look when this ride too began to slow down. Good thing there was so much to do that would distract her.

Daddy was with the girls while mom.......
was with the boys. After taking their picture, the horse next to them was open, so I my self got to have a ride. I love carousels and always have since I was a little girl and my Grammy and grandpa would take me to Pier 39 and I would always get to go on the carousel. How exciting it was to go and I would go by myself so it was even more exciting feeling so big but every rotation always looking for their faces and waiting to wave to them. Next stop, the science area with the most exciting part for our kids.......
the water table. What kid doesn't love to play in water, splash and soak their regular clothes? Our kids do and boy were their sleeves sooo wet. As I have made tradition from way back, I took a self picture. I have made this something Rodney and I do now when we go on vacation or adventures. It will be good when the kids can take our pictures, but I have always enjoyed trying to figure out where to hold the camera so I would cut any ones head off. He's such a good sport and we have actually ended up with some pretty good pictures.
Lego Land display. This was amazing! They had this huge dragon made from the tiny Lego's, they had a life size horse with night on him made of the block sized Lego's and they had
a life size armor made of the small Lego's as well. It was a knight/kingdom theme if you couldn't tell, complete with a video game where you could build a wall around your castle, then aim a catapult and launch it virtually.
Ok, now to many this little model of a town will just be kind of "eh", but to those who are from Madison Indiana or are married to someone from there this is cool. This was a replica of Madison from sooo long ago. I actually forget the date and didn't write it down. It was some time in the 1800's and when trains were main transport (aside from boats). This was unexpected and such a delight. I was able to get a picture of a sign they had that said something about Madison station computer desk that Rodney will be putting as his wallpaper on his computer.
After our stroll through Madison we ran into some ferocious, huge creatures. The dinosaurs were cool! Madi was kind of taken and the boys and Rodney loved it. I enjoyed it as well and actually snuck away to a cubby hole that was a part of the display where you crawl in and pop your head up into this bubble, then Rodney got the kid's attention and I waved to them. They were really intrigued how I was there. They got a turn too.
Ok, almost through our day. Wow, I am almost getting as tired blogging this as I was this day. This picture is actually (stick with me) the floor where the blown glass piece is sitting on, but is the ceiling to the room below. It was such a beautiful display of colors and it took all you had not to just throw your head back and get lost in the sea of it all.
Our last stop was the planetarium. I took this picture right before the show would begin and can you tell how tired this crew is? Wow. Madi fell asleep before the show started (basically as soon as I was done with the picture taking). After we left the museum, we took a drive through the city (Colby and I love to see the city so much and I have a feeling the rest do to). We then took a drive towards home, stopping in Kokomo to have dinner at the Cracker Barrel. The kids were so good even with being so tired. We stuffed our selves so much it was crazy and everyone except the adults and Colby fell fast asleep the remaining portion home. What a way to celebrate!


Winter said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! We have taken Brandon several times and it always is such a great day (he likes to get soaked too..must be a kid thing) The last pic of the kids being tired Autumn cracks me looks like she needs toothpicks to hold her eyes open.

Melynda Hache' said...

What a fun day! I love those days! Colby looks so big. Hopefully we can see him this summer!!! When do I get to see you next?

Nicole said...

Melynda, he is getting so big it makes me sad. He is tall and when he hugs me it's to the point I have to turn his head because he hits me at my boobs. From what Terry tells Colby and he tells me, he will be out to see you guys in the summer some time. As for me, I am thinking there might be a possibility Madi and I are going to make it to AZ in the summer some time. Depends on if my other kidos go to see their mom.