Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love piggies and we have a challenge!

I truly love piggy tails! I wore them much while I was young and my girl actually let me put her hair up the other night, in a long time. My dear girl friend's little one (Miss Rachel) has made it to the piggy tail club and I adore seeing them on her cute little head every Sunday. My Miss Madi has been asking me since the other night, to see my picture of me when I had my piggies. She enjoys my stories of when I was young and I adore telling them to her. She is growing up so fast!

Me when I was 3 or 4........................... Madi this past weekend

We started a challenge today, a stop sucking the thumb during the day challenge. For those of you who have been around Madi ever since she was so little, your probably have a look on your face like.......
OK, maybe more of a surprised, shocked look. Yes, we are going to try to progressively make the habit disappear. We started with a band aide on the thumb as her "mander" as she calls it which is reminder. She has 5 chances a day (for a week or two). If she doesn't get 5 frowny faces on her chart, she gets a sticker (tonight she got a sucker), the next two days she has to get stickers to get her sucker on Friday. We will keep you posted on her progress. As for today, she made it the whole day without it getting to her or her sucking on it or even trying to take off the band aide. She did outstanding as far as mommy is concerned. She is my sweet girl!!!!

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Winter said...

Go Madi!!! You can do it!!! Thats so exciting for her...yet sad its one more step to grownupness. I loved the piggy tails...her and Rachel need there picture taken together with their pig tails!!