Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pioneer Family Pizza Night

Last night was our Family Night at Pioneer Club. We had Pizza Night which obviously consisted of pizza but the kids got to put on the toppings. We bought the crusts all ready to go, sauced them and then lined them up n the counter for the kids to have at it. I actually think they did very good. I have to admit I was a bit worried how the pizzas were going to end up looking after the kids added their toppings (I was thinking back to crazy hair night and for us club people and parents who attended, we all know how that looked).

Here is Colby and a few kids that are in my class adding their toppings. Colby of coarse, cheesing for the camera.

Braden was very serious and intent on where the mushrooms went on his pizza. Such determination.
Another look of determination, this time with cheese. Cordell was precise on his cheese placement.
These girls were enjoying each others conversation as they decided what to put on their pizza.
The Carpenter family worked together to create their master piece for our event.
Once the pies were topped, we had to cook them and while that was going on all the kids found something to entertain. Some went to the kids room to play, some ran around, mine sat at their table as long as they could waiting for their pies. They really just wanted to scarf their pizza so they could have dessert, mom's fruit pizzas. Yeah, I made two fruit pizzas and two cookie dessert pizzas which consist of a cookie for the crust just as the fruit one, but then strawberry jam spread on it, shredded white chocolate for the cheese and circle cut out fruit roll up for the pepperoni. They were cute and all of it was gone at the end of the night.
Here is a group that found the stacking cups to keep them busy, including my daughter Bre which is the one sitting and facing the camera.
The boys got their turn on the cups too.
After food, Jennifer and Gay took the kids to the old sanctuary to play a relay game while many of the parents helped the remaining club leaders clean up. It was such a great night and actually the best one I think we have had. At least since I have been a part of club. Thanks to all parents who helped, donated food and to my fellow club leaders.

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