Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Fairy Fun Afternoon

This afternoon at a dance studio in Wabash, they had a "fairy" day. It was a blast for the girls and a blast for me to watch. First we had to sign in and since my girls didn't have wings they let them borrow some for the duration of the afternoon. Once signed in it was time for them to take their picture, but after I got a picture myself. Now the girls don't have a typical fairy dress up costume, they had their leotards and tights from Christmas and then they wore a ribbon skirt I made them (my Oma gave me the idea as well as all the ribbon). Then they wore their ballet slippers.

My little ribbon fairies.
After pictures, they broke up into age groups. Autumn was more than happy to venture off on her own while I chaperoned Madi. First Madi and I went to the story time station where we learned all about fairies. Next was a craft station where they decorated a picture frame with foam fairy stickers (this was for later to put their pictures in once they were developed). After that station it was off to the wand making station. The picture above is Madi showing off her newly made wand, ribbons, bell and all. At this station the girls also got to play with hula hoops. This was entertaining to watch Madi because she had the concept with out being shown how to do it, but I think she is just too little to handle a hula hoop. You can see by her skirt in the picture though she sure was trying.
We actually passe Autumn while changing stations and I took a quick shot of her and her newly made friend who later I learned is in Dakotah's class. Autumn was having so much fun and I think it was good for her to be in her own group away from her sis so she could be free to just enjoy.
Oh yeah, ext station..... cookie decorating station. Madi decorated a butterfly cookie and we found out Autumn did a flower one. After decorating, yep Madi got the chance to taste her work of art. I got to enjoy it too. After filling up the belly a bit, off to learn a fairy dance. Each class learned the same dance, but at the end of the event, they brought all the girls together to do the dance as one. Wow, it was a packed dance studio which made less space to really get the dance done but the girls looked so stinkin cute doing their twirls and fairy arms and the whole dance.It was a very enjoyable "girl's" afternoon out. Now before you go feeling bad for the boys I will tell you they were taken out to eat for lunch followed by about a 2 to 2.5 hour adventure at the park which included racing dad which I hear Dakotah gave up and Colby smoked both Dakotah and dad, or as Colby just informed me..... he "totally kicked dad's butt". The boy isn't competitive usually, I think the sure excitement of actually out running a grown up let alone your dad will light a little fire in you.

*Rodney actually had to pull back to get Dakotah to keep moving since he decided to literally sit down right in the middle of the path, thus causing Colby to beat him.

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