Friday, February 6, 2009

A new look!

I got my new glasses today and I am very excited about it. Let me tell you all a little bit about where I am at right now with this whole glasses thing. Obviously I have been having issues seeing and was beginning to get headaches. I bought my self some Walmart reading glasses and have been using them for about a year and a half now. I had the opportunity to go to the eye doctor and have an exam. Here is the thing....... I am at the time of the exam, only 27. I have been dealing with getting gray hair ( and I'm not talking 1 or 2). The eye doctor tells me "bifocals". Seriously! Now I feel so much older than I am. At first I decided against them and was going with just prescription reading glasses. Well, I came to my senses, got over myself and went a head with the bifocals. I got progressive so there is no line. I LOVE them! I can so see and have a new look on things. The only bad thing, I can really see those gray hairs now. I'll be taking care of those in a few weeks.


Winter said...

They look very cute!! And are you on the phone with me discussing how much FUN we are about to have?!!

Melynda Hache' said...

Wow! They look great on you!

ceej81 said...

nicole! you are anything but old! 27 is the new sexy! i love your glasses :)