Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Much Fun!!!!

Last week was a week of wintery blast. We had temperatures of -20 that felt like -30 with the wind chill. We got probably about 5 inches of snow (Colby and I measured when it was at 4 inches). Now, I have an awsome little girl who in the sweetest way she can has been talking about making a snowman since winter started and about how she wants to throw a snow ball at me. Well, when she saw all the snow falling last Wednesday she asked and aske and asked to make her snowman. This would be her first snowman she had the chance to make and the first time playing in the snow that she can remember. I wanted to give her the chance to have a ball in this snow we were getting. We waited until the boys came home (they had a half day) and then after naps. Once they woke up we, as patiently as possible, spent the 15 minutes it took to get the boys, Madi and myself completely bundled. Keep in mind for those of you who don't live here, it was -10 out at the time and felt much colder than that. Once dressed we headed out and the first thing to happen was everyone grabbing what snow they could and attempting to make snowballs. Now wait, that's only some what true.... Madi's first thing was telling me to take her picture because she was so excited, but I made her go over with her brothers first.
They tried and tried to make those snowballs, but we came to realize this snow was dry snow. No snowballs here, which meant no snowman.
We made snow angels and Madi thought that was so cool, then sweetly she asked for the snowman. I did the best I could and made the most blob looking snowman I've seen, but when I told her I was done and showed her..... the smile on her face was awesome, until she realized he had no eyes or nose and she very sternly asked "Mommy where's his eyes and nose?". I explained that he was a different snowman since the snow wasn't snowman snow. We continued our snow adventure with snow baths (just throwing it at each other since there were no balls), more snow angels, sleds and finally getting dad. We went in about 20 minutes later due to extreamly cold cheeks all around. It may have been cold, but it was snow much fun!

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