Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 Years Old

My baby is 3 and at times it's a bit hard to imagine. Whether I want to face it or not though, it came and we celebrated. We actually had her party about 4 days previous to her birthday since her Aunt Mimi and cousins were in town and they usually celebrate with us.
Now, she got quite a few things I must say, it's crazy, especially coming off of Christmas. She really enjoyed unwrapping gifts this year. She got a few things for her kitchen, lots of coloring things, a carrier for her babies....
her Dora crock slippers she was wanting very badly that she just knew her Daddy would buy her since Mommy wouldn't one day while grocery shopping. This picture shows her enthusiasm as she tells her Daddy how happy she is that he bought them for her and she knew he would. (By the way, who did the birthday shopping???? Yep, mom, but you can't tell her that.)
Then there was her cake..... She and I were all geared up for a "Rainbow Care Bear Cake", as she called it. I was gonna make a cake, the frosting light blue for sky, pipe in some clouds, draw a rainbow with different color frosting and then stick a few toy care bears she didn't have yet on the clouds and rainbow. Well, we went to Rachel's 1st birthday party and Madi saw her butterfly cake and the care bears flew out the window. She wanted this cake and was gonna get it. Winter so kindly made the cake for us. It turned out so cute, most importantly though, Madi loved it.
Now how cool are these candles?! We found these on clearance earlier in the morning while grocery shopping and Madi thought they would be great as did Rodney and I. The candles flames, as you can kind of see, burn the color of the candle. Seriously, that is so neat.
We had a fantastic time celebrating and eating cake. Later the kids played Hungry Hippo and Madi was so tired that when she only got one marble, she began to cry that her Hippo was so hungry and he wasn't getting enough food. Poor thing, she was very upset. On Wednesday (her actual birthday) all she wanted me to do was color with her, so we colored all day while we were home except the 5 minutes we took out to play her new care bear game. We had one piece of cake left and I lite her a candle, sang to her, she blew it out and we enjoyed the last piece together. It was a memorable day, as simple as it was. She will always be my baby, even in 20 years!!!

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