Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Faces

Well, better late than never, right!!!!

Here are a few faces from Christmas morning. My Madi sure loves babies and was quite pleased to get a couple new ones.
This one she had been eyeballing for weeks everytime we would go to Walmart. What a surprise to get it!

This one crawls and laughs. It's really quite cute.

This year we were blessed to have all 5 kidos wake up together Christmas morning. That is hard to accomplish.
Now this was a face I was truly looking forward to. Colby has really took an interest to hunting and so we thought of starting off small. He was a bit confused when we opened the stuff in our stockings first and in there was a container of pellets, but no gun in sight........ until the end.

This was a reaction we were looking forward to as well. Dakotah was consistent in one thing he asked for this year and that was a Darth Maul double light saber. His mom Leah bought it for him and this is why he has a phone up to his ear while he was opening it. She wanted to be in on his reaction as well. This was not only big for him because of the light saber, but because this is the first time Autumn and Dakotah have received something from their mom in 4 years.
Now this is one of the things Autumn got from her mom and she was happy about it.
As for this look, seriously...... you buy her something princess and what a look you get.
Here are the girls when they caught first sight of their new kitchen from Grandpa Rob and Grammy. They didn't leave that kitchen for 4 or 5 days except to eat, sleep and potty. This is my ballerina in the kitchen and for just a moment, we got a bit of entertainment as she sang a song for us.

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