Friday, May 20, 2011

San Francisco (a lengthy one in pictures)

Thursday of our vacation in California we went and ran around San Francisco. I had been looking forward to this day for a long time to take my family to one of my fondest places growing up. We had a blast at Fisherman's Wharf and mostly at Pier 39. We saw the sea lions, looked out at Alcatraz, the kids rode the carousel I rode when I was a child, we ate at Bubba Gumps, we goofed around, went to Pier 45 to look at the old naval sub and ship, we could see Coit Tower from there, then headed down to the Golden Gate bridge where we were able to walk down to Fort Point (part of the old base), walk out onto a dock, and play in the sand on a little beach area where my husband managed to miss judge a wave and soaked his shoes. It was a wonderful day and after all the walking we jumped in the car, drove past Lumbard St. which we couldn't stop to get a good look at the crooked street, then I showed the kids and Rodney where my Grammy used to live and I would visit many weekends as a child, then we drove in the heart of down town where the kids were able to knock their heads back and look up at real sky scrapers! It was great!

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