Friday, May 20, 2011

Boys day out and Girl's pre wedding morning

Saturday after rehearsal the guys went off to a baseball game while the girls had a bridal shower (sorry no pics of the shower, I was too busy catching up with family). It was bat day so the guys got there early, got full size bats (not the dinky ones they usually give out) and hung out enjoying themselves.
 Papa (Tom) getting a feel for a new Camaro and thinking it could due for him and mom.
 My boys and the A's mascot.
 Dakotah, Conner (my new littlest brother) and Colby, excited they got a foul ball.
 Luke (my other little brother, the older one) enjoying some good park food.
 Dakotah with the catch of the day. He didn't catch it but a guy in their group did and gave it to him which made him s excited.

Saturday night my girls and I stayed in a hotel with my mom so we could wake up and have the room for ALL us girls to get ready in. I was so excited we did this. My girls got to experience room service for the first time and watched as all us gals ran around getting our hair and make up done and they got to have their hair done too thanks to Olivia.
 I love this picture, asking the bride how shes doing this morning of her wedding. :)

 Madi and Auntie Mackenna (my new youngest sister) resting between make up and hair

 The bride getting her hair done beautifully.
Caitlin (my older new younger sister) getting her make up done.
It was a great morning! Relaxed and so fun!

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