Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have been working on quite a lot of quilts but mostly quilts my Oma has made and I'm just free motion quilting them for her. I won't post pics of those quilts cause they aren't ones I've made and I haven't taken any close ups of my quilting on them. Any who, the first quilt "Tom's Tumbling T's", is one my mom asked me to make for Tom for Christmas. It was a pretty simple pattern and I enjoyed doing this one. My mom just went through my fabric stash and pick fabrics so it has a very scrappy look to it which I love. She did buy one piece of fabric that had all the divisions of the police department on it to be a part of the T's and police car back fabric for the backing. Tom's a police officer by the way :). It turned out really nice and I just stitched in the ditch to outline the blocks. Oh it was huge too!
 The second one is for my soon to be born niece or nephew of whom I have named corn muffin until baby is born and we know it's name. There's more to the name but it's only for Aunt Coco and corn muffin's momma to giggle about. Not knowing what corn muffin is going to be was so hard for me when it came time to make my goodies. I am so built to design based off the person or the sex of a baby so this was stretching my comfort zone but so worth it. I think it kind of ended up leaning way more towards the boy side but I love how it turned out and figured baby isn't really going to care what color it is. I love the jungle theme and was kind of inspired by it not only when my 5 year old saw the fabric and lead me to it but also because corn muffin's momma was painting a mural at a church which had lots of animals in it and it just spoke to me.
Not sure there will be too many of my quilts to share this year since my Oma has a goal that is pretty productive over the next couple years, but what I do get done will be exciting to share with you all. I might even start taking close ups of my free motion so you can see what I DO work on. :)

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Christina said...

Lol i love love love the goodies u sent and i think the quilt is just FABULOUS!!!!! Love u lady and miss you