Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter weekend with family in town and Sunday was such a wonderful day. The kid's Great Grandma hid eggs in the back yard for the kids to find and then the kids got the chance to whack the pinata. I had all good intentions of making a chick pinata this year but the first one caved in so I got behind and in my massive rush to get it done I settled for the "golden egg" that has the best prize in it of all.
 My girls skipping through the back yard with baskets, it cracks me up how naturally it seems for them.
 And the boys trying so hard to find eggs as well, grandpa hid them very well!
 Miss Maid taking her turn at the pinata.
 Autumn was next.
 Dakotah trying his hardest to be the one to crack the egg which he did put a good dent in it.
 Then Colby who managed to smack it off it's rope (which happened to Autumn as well) which then lead to dad just smashing it on the ground. This years pinata just didn't want to stay in the tree on it's rope this year.
Daisy enjoying her Easter treat, what was left on the ham bone.

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