Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day 2

After making it through day one, the sleet started in pretty heavy around 3 in the afternoon. My husband got home safe and we hunkered down for the night, praying we wouldn't loose our power. We enjoyed movies, hanging out and not really doing much else or having any other kind of agenda. This morning when we woke up everything looked pretty good, no ice accumulation, just more snow. Our big Tonka truck almost buried in the back yard was a sight to see.
 The hubby headed out to plow out our drive way so he can go to work tomorrow. They called a level one emergency for our county so he got to stay home and have a snow day with us.
 He's so cute and such a good man!
 It sure could have been worse! It's so pretty to look at. It's still snowing today so i have a feeling the kids will at least have a 2 hour delay tomorrow if not another snow day. We'll see though.

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ah! haha I love the camo, john deer, and thumbs up! too funny guys
true hoosiers!