Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas morning

Christmas morning came and it came with a punch for me. I woke up so sick and really didn't even want to open presents. My kiddos on the other hand were raring to go. They first woke to their new bean bags from Baz and that was exciting enough but the crazy full tree was still calling.

 So, dad handed out gifts and everyone dug into their piles of goodies.
 Dakotah has not let go of his new blanket momma made him, I love how much he loves the things I make him.
 Now for the big one for miss Madi, yep all of December she has been telling me she just knows shes getting a guitar. I would ask her what made her think that and she was just bound and determined.
 It was so fun to watch her watching as dad opened the box for her. She even at one point covered her eyes and claimed that she couldn't stand to watch. It was so stinkin cute!
 Sure enough she got her guitar and the excitement in this picture just gives me chills still. Look at her hands and how she was jumping. I love it!

 Aunt Sweets sent these silly eye glass straws and the kids had a blast with them although they made a mess.

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