Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Promise

This past Sunday we had our Easter Pageant called The Promise. Colby and Rodney were in it and after weeks of practices and rehearsals the night finally came. I think Colby was a bit nervous even if he didn't admit it and I know Rodney was. I snuck back into the "dressing area" before the performance to snap a quick picture of my little man ready to play his part.

He looks so cute! He was a shepherd for one scene and a villager the rest of the play.

This here is one of the prophets (my hubby playing one of his parts).

This is a group of villagers talking in anticipation of Jesus' arrival.

This is the villagers celebrating in Jesus' baptism. This play has such moving scenes and I found myself in tears during many of them!

I'm quite fond of the fisherman/disciple in blue (Rodney's other part).

Palm Sunday and the villagers singing Jehovah (such a great song). I love this picture of Colby even though his eyes are shiny because if you look close you see his foot up while he was playing his tambourine. This shows me he was really getting into it and enjoying his time in the play!

Yet another scene that leaves you in tears as Jesus brings the little girl (Aliea) back to life.

The disciples at the last supper.

The end where the villagers and everyone else is waiting for Jesus after his resurrection to sing and praise that our Lord has risen!

This pageant is awesome and I enjoyed it again this year. Colby informed me he wants to be in it again when they do it in 2 years. What an awesome display of our Saviors birth, life, death and resurrection. AMEN!!!!!!

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