Sunday, April 4, 2010

A new Easter tradition for the Culver/Crow household?!?!

So after my mind drifted away on the thought of what to do different this year for Easter, I was lead to the idea of a pinata. All of the sudden it had dawned on my that none of our 4 younger kids have ever had a pinata or been around for one so why not. My search began for an Easter themed pinata at Walmart which I had found and egg one but was not happy or willing to spend $15 on something my kids were going to smash to smithereens. Then I hit up google to find out how to make one myself. An egg shape couldn't be that hard after all. So I found what I needed then got to work. For 3 days I laid down layers of newspaper on my egg shaped balloon and then yesterday while trying to doze off for a nap I had the idea pop into my head to stick Easter grass all over it instead of just painting it. That is exactly what I did after my nap. I had a huge bag full of left over grass from years past baskets. Seriously what did I need to save it all for? Well now it had a purpose. I was so excited once I had finished!

Here is the first layer going on...

Here's what it looked like when I finished. I was so happy with how it turned out!

This has got to be the biggest egg I've seen hidden in the grass! We were getting it ready to hang.

Now that it's all hung up and looking pretty in the breeze, it's time to train the kids on what to do.

Youngest first, blind folded and one good whack. She was excited and nervous. It was cute!

Autumn was up next but she got turned around a few times before we let her have a whack.

Now we started off with one whack each so that it would give them all a chance figuring if we didn't Colby might get left out since the boys are stronger and Dakotah got to go before him. Glasses off, turned 8 times (per his request) and away he went.

Colby's turn! He was turned around as well and we all were cracking up at this point watching the dizzy person walk towards the pinata.

Ok, so everyone got a chance, YAY (I was glad about that). Now to take off the blind folds and give 3 whacks. I didn't get a picture of Madi but she enjoyed it. Here is Autumn trying her hardest on her turn.

Dakotah was up next and got in three really good whacks that I would say "injured" the pinata but it still held strong.

Colby got another chance and of coarse dad couldn't make it easy on him and had to play games raising it up as he would swing. It was so funny.

Eventually though the tough pinata met it's match when we told Colby to really whack it and he did. The candy spilled out, they grabbed their baskets and began to collect their goodies. The entire time they were collecting candy all I heard was how cool it was, fun it was, awesome it was and that we should do it again next year.
I would love to do it for them again! Nothing like watching your kiddos smash your labor of love to smithereens! It ROCKED!


Melynda Hache' said...

Nicole, what a great idea! You are so creative, and the pinata turned out perfect. I love all the pictures and it looks like everyone had a great time! How exciting for them to start a new tradition. Be sure to send our love to Colby!

Mrs Sling said...

Tooooooo cute!! I gotta admit, I couldn't quite picture it, but it is AWESOME!