Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine Crafts

This year I forgot that I had picked up Valentines for the kids on clearance from last year and didn't want to buy any so I thought about making some after being inspired from a magazine. Colby was up first and he chose a puppy love look......
These little puppies held something special for the person who received it.Colby actually really enjoyed doing this little project, and I enjoyed working on something with him, just the two of us.
The next day was Autumn's turn and she picked a pretty little flower made of hearts with yet another little treat right in the middle.These were so stinkin cute, this project was very easy and turned out fabulous.A couple days later Dakotah had the chance to work on his. He picked a green alien and he put his own twists on it. Instead of drawing normal alien eyes, he wanted to put on google eyes which are way more fun and he made his aliens have smiley faces. I asked what kind of antennae he wanted on them and he picked curly then we had to add a treat to these little guys as well.
Over all, it was nice to be able to make something and have the kids put in more effort than just signing names. They enjoyed it as much as I did and next year we just might have to do it again and if not well, I already have a stock up of Valentines from last year I didn't know I had until after we started these projects.

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