Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rocking Good Time!!!!

On Sunday the 31 we had our growth group as we normally do on Sundays....the difference this Sunday compared to the others is that we had a rockin good party! We invited some new people to come to growth group and part of our party was so that we could all hang out and have a good time while getting to know eachother. It was a blast! We hooked up a WII to a projector in the down stairs living room and then had the XBox 360 going up stairs with Rock Band and Band Hero. Everyone brought some yummy food and we all enjoyed hours of playing, eating, talking and most of all laughing. This group has been amazing this year from what I have heard and the moments I've had hanging out with them. I get to watch all the little kiddos when they have their normal group and so I have really my little growth group with juice boxes, snacks, movies and little people in tow.

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