Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years Rocking Out!

Since Rodney and I had the knowledge of what our family gift was going to be, we had planned an all nighter with the Lawsons WAY before Christmas came. We had been waiting in anticipation for this evening to come with pizza, soda, family, friends and Rockin Out! We picked teams and took our turns on about 3 songs or so. The teams seemed to change as the evening went on but it was all still so much fun.
Here is a team of Jesse, Bre, Rodbey and Jessica

and here is the other side of that team.

Rodney was cracking us all up with his very deep rocker singing.
And Rachel is just about the cutest little 2 year old drummer I've ever seen. SHe rocked out with us all night no matter how out of it she was, she kept on going and how.....none of us know although the almost full glass of Pepsi I let her drink might have played a hand in it.

As the night went on everyone grew more and more sleepy or "out of it" and this is a perfect picture of playing the guitar while half asleep. Her face was so blank like she was gone and yet she kept in tune pretty darn close.
I had a blast and enjoyed this night so much. Kim actually made it to see the ball drop for the first time in the 3 or 4 New Years we have spent together. She made it even if she was also half out of it. Good job Aunt Mimi!

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