Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wednesday before Christmas the kids and I drove down to Madison to pick up Grandma CUlver and then headed back home. Christmas Eve day Rodney had off from work so we all hung out as a family and enjoyed Grandma's company. We were all very anxious for our presents and Rodney especially was anxious for the kids to open up our family present from Grandpa Rob and Grammy Theresa (we already knew what it was). We made it to our churche's Christmas Eve service for the first time since we have been attending there, then as tradition is, we all packed up into the van and headed to see the lights at Matter Park in Marion and then home to bed so we could wake up and open up some stuff. The morning finally came and there was paper flying everywhere. Rodney and I played it kind of funny as to the order we had the kids open the last few presents. Colby opened some Xbox 360 games his dad had sent him but the crazy thing is we don't have an Xbox 360. The girls then opened Band Hero for an Xbox 360 (I'm sure you see where this is going). Then the boys got to open the last gift..... the XBOX 360! We then played Band Hero after dinner for hours and Grandma watched us from the side lines and even sang along to some of the songs. We had a wonderful time spending our first Christmas in our new house, with Grandma Culver and rockin out.

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