Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ok, so I realize school started 3 weeks ago and wow I am that far behind, but let's go into catch up mode, shall we?!
We have managed to send yet another off to kindergarten and I have to say, she hasn't looked back since she stepped in the door.
This is the day before school started, at open house. We went to check out the room, fill out an info paper, drop off school supplies, read a book and of coarse, mom signed up for goodies.
First day of school outfit. Very cute!
I took her to her class and off she went. I didn't even get a "good bye" She just was off and running. Here's to another one off. I told Madi that she is never going to school and is stuck with staying home with me forever. She seems to think other wise and has no problem vocalizing it....loudly!

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