Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Kick Off......

Right after school starts a journey of many celebrations start in our household. We kick this journey off every year with Rodney's birthday. We surprised him with a cookies and cream ice cream cake and presents he didn't think were going to be at our house for another week.
Good thing the smoke alarm didn't go off. Whew, you know your getting older when your cake can light up the room! :)
Look at all that candle smoke, wow. At least his lungs work good!

Even when your 32 sometimes you can't resist acting like a goof for the camera and we wonder where the kids get it from.
Now there is the picture I was looking for! Look at that sweet 32 year old. I love that man!!!
Baby, I pray 32 is a blessed year for you with many new adventures in our grasps handed to us by God. I'm thankful God has blessed me to have you for my husband. I love you very much!!

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