Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Schedule

Fall seems to be here earlier than the calendar says it is. Fall sports have finally started so we are getting our schedule down. Dakotah has had 2 soccer practices under his belt and Colby has had 1 football practice under his. Colby has seemed to hurt his hand while playing with a team mate after practice on Thursday. We are icing it and wrapping it. If it doesn't get better by Tuesday, we will be going in to see what's up.
House hunting or should I say house offering is in a interesting spot at the moment. We put in an offer on a house in Lafontaine on Thursday and someone put in an offer after us that is extreamly similar to ours, so now we have to go in on Tuesday and make the best offer we feel we can make and they are going to write up a dual offer sheet and present it to the sellers. After that, we wait to see which one they pick. Prayers are still greatly needed and appreciated! I told myself I wouldn't get emotionally attached, I was fooling myself!
Pioneer Club starts on the 22nd in our kick off celebration. This year is somewhat going to be different so it will be interesting to see how things go. I will be teacher assistant of the scooters which is the pre-k and k group. Madi gets to start club this year and she is so very excited about this.
I am excited for fall and will be making it a point to stop from my busy schedule to enjoy the smells, colors and tastes it brings with it.

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