Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rodney's 5K

Rodney signed up in May for his very first 5K through the YMCA and has been training since, this includes training his diet. He went into this race with 2 goals, 1st to run the whole thing and not stop to walk at all. 2nd, to run it under 30 minutes. On Saturday June 13 his day came. The kids and I headed to the city park after dropping him off, so we could not only get in some play time, but sit and wait for the opportunity to cheer Rodney on. After sitting at the park for about an hour and a half we all of the sudden caught glimpse of the first runner. We headed to the end of the park to get closer to the runners to get an up close view of Rodney. A few minutes later, we caught eye of him.
He seemed to be doing pretty good. The kids chanted "go daddy go" over and over and yes, over. It was cute and all who were around chuckled about it. We moved back to the middle of the park to catch another sighting of him because in running the route they had, we were able to see him 3 times.
Here he is at mile 2. Sorry it's a bit blurry, had to be quick!
Here he is crossing the finish line and if you look close to the time clock people, YES he made it in 27.39 minutes, making his second goal. I am also excited to tell you no matter what he might have felt a couple time through the whole thing, he did NOT stop to walk, making his first goal.
Way to go Rodney, we are so proud of you in your determination and discipline over the past 2 months. You did fantastic!!!! We look forward to cheering you on in your next journey and race.
The reward for such hard work? YES, a big fat brownie sundae people! Sweet reward and he even ate it in his new t-shirt from the race.

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Winter said...

yea!!! rodney!!!! good job!