Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Couple of VBS Nights

VBS started at our church Sunday evening. As the kids and I headed out the door we stopped to take a quick picture to show how excited we were that this time has come.
Thumbs up, we are sooo ready for this.
Here is Logan all dressed for the occasion of helping out his dad in the food court.
Oh, "Paul" (Pastor Jim) stealing a kiss (from his wife) while under house arrest.
Here is (Linda) one of the ladies we see every night in the under ground church. We have to be sneaky going in and have to show our "secret" code and then when we leave we have to be quiet.
If we aren't quiet we might give the under ground church away to the Roman Guards who are roaming around watching us tour their city.
This is our family at the architecture apprentice shop.
We got to learn about "aqua ducts" and how they got their water from the sea, to the town and we had the chance to attempt this with our "aqua ducts wanna be's" and tennis balls.
It was a bit crazy, but oh so fun.
We went to the food court to enjoy some ancient Roman snacks like "fried rat?", seriously lil' smokies.
In the game area, we played so many fun games and had a blast. Here is one where we had to jump from hoop to hoop. We also did shot put, long jump and throwing sticks.
Here are my girls at the "metal shop" that we went to yesterday.
At the metal shop we made necklaces that was a dog tag that we stuck jewel stickers on. We also had to add a red "secret symbol" to our necklaces.
VBS has been a blast so far and we look forward to every new day. We have 3 more left and some really cool shops we haven't been to yet. We have 12 kids in our family and all but 2 are under the age of 7.

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