Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flag Football Tough

So here are the toughest players on the Chiefs...... yeah, they sure don't look too tough! The boys have been playing now for about 4 weeks. They have had 3 games and have 2 more to go. This is Dakotah's first year and Colby's second.Dakotah is having fun playing. It took some time for him to really start paying attention and still from time to time you can look out in practice and see him dancing around playing with his flags. At least now he knows not to go after his own team mates flags! Big steps! This past game on Sunday he did real good focusing on blocking the guy in front of him. It's so funny to see him walk up to the line and start talking trash to the guy he is blocking. Wow, they start so young, just hope he backs it all up. :) It's so great to see Colby come along in the game. Last year he didn't quite get the game especially at the beginning of the season. He progressed with each game. This year, he is soaking up everything he can and still is looking at the coaches like he wants more. I had to tell him after the first 2 practices that this is football, he can stop being the sweet boy he is and be tough and aggressive. I told him just to pretend he was going after his brother like he does when they are wrestling. It worked! He has gotten more aggressive in his game. Oh and his running..... you know from last year to this year what an improvement. I am so happy we got his foot fixed! He runs with his foot straight and he actually keeps up with the middle of the pack most times and the front every now and then. Last year he was last. I think he could be even faster once he develops those muscles since they are a few years behind from his foot not being right and it won't wear him out so fast once he is stronger too. He doesn't have pain, praise God and is having a blast.

We play the Lions on the 12th and the Packers on the 19th. GO CHIEFS! (The only time I will say that!)

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