Sunday, August 19, 2012

She finally lost it!

So after kindergarten came and went and no teeth were lost, madi decided it would happen over summer. Well, she's had plenty of loose ones but none really ready. Dakotah goes and looses 2 then Colby looses one and she's sure feeling the pressure to want to join the club. Well, she decided to ask me to try the slam the door trick and we did. We tried embroidery thread, fishing line, heavy duty sewing thread and dental floss. The fish online was probably the best. None of these managed to pull out her tooth however every slam of the door loosened it quite a bit till it was super loose. This is where daddy steps in and manages to loosen it tons more. Madi decides she's had enough for the day and she'll just play with it. Well playing with it lasted about 10 mins till she asked her daddy to feel how much more she had got it loosened. He felt it al right, he tugged it right out of her mouth and she was the happiest kid I've ever seen loosing a tooth. She told us how happy she was loosing her tooth every day for a week and a half.

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